Best CBD Oil for Dogs: Helping Your Furry Friend Through a “Ruff” Patch

Over the past few years, mental health has become an important topic, especially when it comes to children, and more recently, pets. Many pet parents are turning to CBD oils as their last resort when it comes to this issue. While still, a strange, new idea for some, giving CBD oil to their dogs is an already established practice for others. Being somewhat of a newcomer on the market means that there are a lot of questions surrounding CBD products. We’ll try and help you turn “Why choose CBD?” into “What is the best CBD oil for dogs?” in no time!

Most of us know that owning a dog has its ups and downs. Like in any relationship, trust and love are the keys to a never-ending partnership with your pooch. Going for walks, spending time together, having fun — it sounds easy, right? But what happens when our furry companions are not acting like themselves anymore?

At some point, you might notice behavioral changes in your dog. It might suddenly not want to go out for walks, or it might start limping and whimpering for no apparent reason. To a layperson, that would sound a lot like anxiety or depression, right? But how is that possible? After all, it’s a dog, not a person.

Recent studies show that dogs, among other animals, are prone to suffering from human-specific mental health disorders, like those mentioned above. But you can’t just take your pooch to a therapist (although that could be funny). So, what can you do?

CBD Oils: A Simple Solution 

You might have heard of CBD or its counterpart THC over the past couple of years. Both are similar, could be extracted from cannabis plants, and have therapeutic qualities. 

However, THC is psychoactive and might get you high. While some CBD products contain traces of THC, anything under 0.3% is considered legal and safe for day-to-day use. Therefore, you don’t have to fear its side effects —  there is no way to get your dog high by giving it CBD oil.

But how does it work? 

CBD affects the endocannabinoid system, which is made up of receptors and enzymes, all of which influence appetite, mood, and memory. In short, using it is like having a private therapist all to yourself. The only difference is that CBD will never judge you and will always make you feel better.

Be that as it may, you’re probably wondering whether CBD oil is safe for your dog. Well, we have some good news — science already has the answer!

Many studies have shown that CBD is certainly safe for dogs. Not only that, but most vets also approve of this kind of treatment. Let’s take a look at the contenders for the best CBD oil for dogs and see if we can find something for your furry friends.

The Search for the Best CBD Oil for Dogs

1. Royal CBD

Popular for its 100% organic hemp-infused dog products, Royal CBD is the best choice when it comes to our friendly companions. Different potency levels (for dogs of all sizes), natural flavors (or bacon), and truly available customer support are just some of the benefits of this well-known brand.

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2. Gold Bee

Size doesn’t matter, as this small company has proven. Purest products on the market? Check! Great price to potency ratio? Check! A great budget pick? Again, check! With that checklist, their products will surely help your pal bee-come happier in no time.

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3. Paw CBD

With a strong focus on their target audience, Paw CBD is not only affordable but also vegan! Their gluten-free formula is more than safe for any dog breed out there. Peanut-flavored CBD oils (yummy!) and a 30-day money-back guarantee are what make this brand almost impawsible to resist.

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4. King Kanine

Similar to previously mentioned brands, efficiency and quality are the standards at King Kanine. From big to small, these CBD oils are designed for dogs of all sizes, so there is almost no way your companion won’t love this brand! Mixing Omega 3-rich products with 100% love of animals, King Kanine will make your pooch feel like true royalty.

5. CBDPure

Last but not least, CBDPure offers high-quality pet products. As a result of its efficient manufacturing process, its vegan-friendly CBD oil is healthy and safe. However, the small potency levels make this product recommended for small-sized dogs. Aside from that, the 90-day money-back guarantee is always there in case you change your mind. 

The Bottom Line

Mental health is a serious topic, perhaps even more so when it comes to dogs as they can’t express their feelings so easily. Like we pointed out throughout the article, CBD oils have shown good results when it comes to alleviating mental health conditions.  

However, keep in mind that research and knowledge are the keys to making a life-changing choice. There are a lot of options on the market, and most of them are quite efficient. But if you’re going to buy one, why not choose the best CBD oil for dogs right off the bat? After all, your dog deserves only the best!

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